Changelog – 2.1.0 (“Corki”)

  • AT LAST – NEW DEVELOPMENT! The Imp’s “in the store” section just got a bit more awesome. Now, when tapping on a skin, instead of seeing one of my terrible screenshots, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can actually view, rotate, and zoom the model, straight from the game files! Pro tip: you can do the same thing with the champion’s base skin by tapping on his/her/its price. Is that fun or what?
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Ziggs’ complete data has been added. Special thanks to Smallfry310 for screenshots.
  • Push notifications about sales will now deep link you into the sales page. ‘Cause that just makes sense.
  • FINALLY fixed the stupid bug that broke the Twitter feed in the “About” section.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to stay black if you resumed the app on the Build Detail screen.
  • Added new items: Locket of the Iron Solari and Zeke’s Herald. Removed Stark’s Fervor.
  • Updated the stats of Emblem of Valor.
  • Updated Morgana so that her passive spell vamp is taken into account when viewing build stats.
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Ziggs patch.
  • Added Ahri’s missing champion spotlight. Oops.
  • Added Jax’s champion spotlight.
  • Updated Sivir’s spotlight to the new one.
  • Added a missing skin: Frost Queen Janna. The poor chick only has 3; we can’t afford to miss any of ’em.
  • Added some of Shyvana’s missing stats. Thanks, helpful user whose name I won’t disclose for privacy reasons!
  • Finally got around to adding the new summoner spell icons. My bad.
  • Added some missing runes. Oops again.
  • Added several missing item codes for the build email feature.

It’s time… to time.

Jungle time, that is. Incoming for 1.10.0… check it out!


The long awaited jungle-timers are nearly ready. There are already a couple of great standalone jungle timer apps on the Marketplace (like “Teemo’s Timers” – search for it now, thank me later) with some great features, and I hate to get anywhere near their turf. But for those of you who are one-app-solution kind of people, The Imp will have you covered.

Both Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline are supported, and if there’s anything that ultimately turns out to be worth timing on Crystal Scar, I’ll add that at a later date.

Anyway, what do you think? Does it look usable?

Keep on Imping on,


Manning Up

Greetings, faithful Impists!

With the 2011 football season fast approaching, every where I look, people are manning up. Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak manned up and made his first round of cuts. A buddy of mine manned up and got HD cable so we can watch games at his place in style. I manned up and admitted that I care more about video games than football. You get the idea.

In light of these facts, the time has come for The Imp to man up. I’m working on a feature now that really should have been part of the app at release, and it really took til now to think of a way to do it that preserves WP7’s sexy style, The Imp’s undeniably bland charm, and doesn’t explode all of your phones at once.

This feature is FILTERS! Starting with version 1.9.0 (“Caitlyn”), you’ll be able to filter champions, items, and runes by a few criteria that should make it easier to find the info of your dreams. This is still in progress, obviously, but here’s a tiny little sneak peek.


It’ll make more sense when the time comes, trust me. Hopefully, anyway.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know what was up. Let me know what you think in the comments, and hope The Imp is still treating you well.

Keep on Imping on!


Cataclysms, calculators and… I don’t know. Cholera? Cadmium?

Greetings, faithful Impists!

Sorry that it’s been awhile since an update of any kind, software-ological or blogorial. I’ve been a little bit busy IRL, a little bit busy figuring out what to do after Microsoft (probably accidentally) exploded the App Hub, and a little bit busy playing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I don’t feel good about it; I really don’t. But I’ve been sucked back in again. My mind tells me that my first loyalty is – of course – to League, but my ever-increasing average item-level says otherwise. It’s a conundrum.

Enough of my personal Sophie’s choice. I wanted to talk a little bit about the deal with The Imp, why it temporarily disappeared from the Marketplace (if you care), why updates have been a little bit slow, and why there wasn’t a dedicated update for the Monkey King.

First of all, not to point any fingers ( or name any names (Microsoft, rabble rabble rabble…) but there have been some technical issues with getting updates out over the last two weeks. Microsoft actually did make some super-awesome updates to the App Hub, but as it happens, those updates caused a minor cataclysm that temporarily removed The Imp from all localizations of the Marketplace and prevented me from submitting a timely update for Wukong. Fortunately, all that seems to be cleared up now, and I actually just submitted an update a couple of days ago that includes data for Wukong and Skarner, so hopefully we’re (kind of) back on track.

That’s the part that’s Microsoft’s fault. Now it’s my turn.

Basically, the aforementioned Skarner + Wukong update IS indeed coming to you soon. However, in a thrillingly boneheaded move that wouldn’t have happened if I used version control software, I accidentally included about half of the functionality for the cool new ability path calculator thing that will soon be part of the build editor. You know, the one that lo0ks like this:

Now with 100% more... actually-working-ness

Yeah, my bad. However, thanks to a furious level of activity over the last couple of days that resulted in the neglect of several other personal responsibilities, I’ve actually finished the complete update for the ability path thing while the Skarner/Wukong update has been in certification. Unfortunately I can’t pull the update that I already submitted (lame), but as soon as that one clears, I’ll immediately submit the one that has the fully completed feature, and we’ll all go back to pretending that I know what I’m doing – what do you say?

Anyway, that’s the dillyo. Hope all is well in your worlds and on the Fields of Justice. Anybody rocking Skarner yet? What do you think? I’m out of RP for now, but I might just be tempted to buy back in… he looks like a ton of fun. And that Earthrune Skarner skin is ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean awesome.

Be well, and keep on Imping on…


It’s almost time for a true display of skill

So this is still a ways off (like, at least the patch after the patch for Leona, whenever she shows up), but I’m too excited not to show you now.

Get down, get down...


There are still a few things I have to figure out how to do (like how to handle weird cases like Karma), but it’s coming along nicely. The skill order will save along with the rest of the build for handy reference. Assuming I don’t break it.

Bazam. Everyone pumped up for Leona?


Vacations and Terrible Timing

Hey, faithful Impists,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m headed on vacation this weekend through next week and will be a little less communicative for that reason. And when I say “a little less communicative,” I mean, “basically not communicating at all.” Because I’ll be on a boat.

Imp-istically speaking, this does have some regrettable ramifications. All signs point to Orianna coming out on Tuesday, so I won’t be around to do my frantic scramble to get an update for her together this time, which means that it might be more like next weekend or early the week after before you see an update for her. Sorry about that – as I’ve been alluding a lot lately, some good things are in the works to reduce the madness, but for now, this is what we’ve got. Sorry.

Also, as you probably saw, 1.4.0 is being distributed right now, so keep an eye out for it over the next 24 hours. It includes the hopefully-handy champion rotation and sale features that are the beginnings of somewhat-live data for The Imp. That process is not completely automated, but I have my good buddy Mad Ukranian helping out while I’m indisposed. The long story short is that next week might be SLIGHTLY sluggish for The Imp, but things should get back on track in a hurry when I get back stateside.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – enjoy 1.4.0 and let me know what you think with a tweet, email, or comment.

Until then, Imp on!