Changelog 2.1.1 (“Corki”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Nautlius’ data has been added.
  • Deprecated the old and broke way of storing data on my Amazon server and replaced it with the new hotness way of doing the same thing. Bottom line: If you’re using a version of The Imp older than 2.1.0 as of the 2.1.1 update, a) Y U NO UPDATE???; and b) Your champion quotations, rotation, and sale data will no longer load. Sorry 😦 It’s for the best, I promise!
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Nautilus patch.
  • Did some layout rejiggering on the Item Detail page.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash if you attempted to view a model that isn’t available.
  • Added a new skin: Iron Solari Leona. HOWEVER… there seems to be something different about her model file that I don’t totally get. For some reason, I can’t convert it to the right format correctly. I’ll get back to you on that.
  • Added a missing skin: Sandstorm Katarina. Thanks, Helpful User Whose Name I Won’t Disclose for Privacy Reasons!
  • Fixed some bogus numbers that appeared on all Endurance runes.
  • Removed some erroneous Zilean quotes.

Changelog – 2.0.1 (“Cho’Gath”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Graves’ data has been added.
  • Added Teemo’s new champion spotlight.
  • Added new skins: Infiltrator Irelia and Superhero Teemo.
  • Added skins from the Harrowing: Bewitching Nidalee, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, FrankenTibbers Annie, and Haunting Nocturne.
  • Updated Xerath’s skins to their remade versions.
  • Updated Blitzcrank’s “Boom Boom” skin to the correct price.
  • Updated The Imp with info from the Graves patch.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when navigating backward from the Timers page.
  • Added a temporary workaround for an issue that caused the app to crash when attempting to view a champion spotlight – still looking for a better way. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦

Changelog – 1.9.1 (“Caitlyn”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Riven’s basic data has been added. Riven’s another Xypherous champ, and jeez, am I becoming a fanboy.
  • Fixed a massive, sky-high error that was happening for some people on application launch. Yeah, that’s me accidentally building with the Mango dev tools instead of the NoDo ones. Good job, Jammer! Sorry for any inconvenience. Still love me?
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Riven patch, including new skins for Kog’Maw, Malzahar, and Singed.
  • Fixed a usability issue with the “in the store” screen.
  • Added Corki’s brand-new champion spotlight.
  • Made some minor visual tweaks to the browser dialog to make it less lame, particularly in light theme. I hate light theme, I really do.
  • Updated Garen’s and Poppy’s IP prices. Price drop, wut wut?
  • Updated Trundle’s splash art to the correct one from his classic skin.
  • Updated the summoner spells and items with new data from the Dominion website.
  • Fixed a few minor display bugs with the new filtering dialogs.

Cataclysms, calculators and… I don’t know. Cholera? Cadmium?

Greetings, faithful Impists!

Sorry that it’s been awhile since an update of any kind, software-ological or blogorial. I’ve been a little bit busy IRL, a little bit busy figuring out what to do after Microsoft (probably accidentally) exploded the App Hub, and a little bit busy playing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. I don’t feel good about it; I really don’t. But I’ve been sucked back in again. My mind tells me that my first loyalty is – of course – to League, but my ever-increasing average item-level says otherwise. It’s a conundrum.

Enough of my personal Sophie’s choice. I wanted to talk a little bit about the deal with The Imp, why it temporarily disappeared from the Marketplace (if you care), why updates have been a little bit slow, and why there wasn’t a dedicated update for the Monkey King.

First of all, not to point any fingers ( or name any names (Microsoft, rabble rabble rabble…) but there have been some technical issues with getting updates out over the last two weeks. Microsoft actually did make some super-awesome updates to the App Hub, but as it happens, those updates caused a minor cataclysm that temporarily removed The Imp from all localizations of the Marketplace and prevented me from submitting a timely update for Wukong. Fortunately, all that seems to be cleared up now, and I actually just submitted an update a couple of days ago that includes data for Wukong and Skarner, so hopefully we’re (kind of) back on track.

That’s the part that’s Microsoft’s fault. Now it’s my turn.

Basically, the aforementioned Skarner + Wukong update IS indeed coming to you soon. However, in a thrillingly boneheaded move that wouldn’t have happened if I used version control software, I accidentally included about half of the functionality for the cool new ability path calculator thing that will soon be part of the build editor. You know, the one that lo0ks like this:

Now with 100% more... actually-working-ness

Yeah, my bad. However, thanks to a furious level of activity over the last couple of days that resulted in the neglect of several other personal responsibilities, I’ve actually finished the complete update for the ability path thing while the Skarner/Wukong update has been in certification. Unfortunately I can’t pull the update that I already submitted (lame), but as soon as that one clears, I’ll immediately submit the one that has the fully completed feature, and we’ll all go back to pretending that I know what I’m doing – what do you say?

Anyway, that’s the dillyo. Hope all is well in your worlds and on the Fields of Justice. Anybody rocking Skarner yet? What do you think? I’m out of RP for now, but I might just be tempted to buy back in… he looks like a ton of fun. And that Earthrune Skarner skin is ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean awesome.

Be well, and keep on Imping on…


Changelog – 1.6.1

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Leona’s semi-complete data has been added, along with her two skins.
  • Added new skins – Baron von Veigar, Buccaneer Tristana, Harbinger Kassadin, and Ravager Nocturne.
  • Temporarily removed the background on the landing page due to memory issues. It’ll be back soon, I swear.
  • Added a screenshot for Heimerdinger’s “Alien Invader” skin.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor UI annoyances – nothing exciting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Nocturne’s “Frozen Terror” skin to be unviewable.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause massive, sky-high errors when attempting to a view a champion’s “in the store” page if you didn’t have access to a wireless network or 3G. I think so, anyway – let me know if it still happens to you.

Not being notified about the 1.2.0 update?

Hey, faithful Impists,

At this point in the metaphorical game, everyone should have access to the all-new, all-fancy-shmancy 1.2.0 “Alistar” update to The Imp. HOWEVER, due to a combination of ineptitude on my part and a rather sizably greater amount of ineptitude from Microsoft, the Marketplace app may not correctly notify you that The Imp has an update available.

The reason for this is that when creating the 1.1.1 update for The Imp, the Marketplace submission web application somehow managed to rename “The Imp” to just “Imp.” To be fair, I didn’t notice it right away, and I should have caught it and fixed it. However, apparently the Marketplace has decided that if your app changes names between updates, your users won’t want the update. Because that seems defensible, right? So I changed the app’s name back to “The Imp” (as it darn well should be), and anyone that somehow missed the 1.1.1 update because of this whole fiasco SHOULD be notified.

TL;DR version: If you don’t see an update notification for The Imp RIGHT NOW, open your Marketplace app and search “The Imp.” Click on it when you find it, and click “update”, and then you should be back on track, and you should be notified about all future updates as normal.

SO sorry about that. If you have any trouble or can’t get ahold of the update for some reason, sound off in the comments or tweet me @theimpapp. You’ll know you have the right version if you have… TUN TUN TUNN… THE MASTERY CALCULATOR!!!