Something awesome this way comes…



It’s coming.


Changelog – 2.0.0 (“Cho’Gath”)

  • We’re on 2.0.0! Mango has come down from Microsoft on high to grace our phones with its presence, and The Imp is excited about it. Lots of new features incoming!
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Xerath’s complete data has been added.
  • Builds and champions are now pinnable! You can use the app bar to pin your favorite builds or champions to your Start screen for one-tap access to it. Hope it comes in handy!
  • The Imp is now compatible with fast-app switching – it’ll try to retain its state when you navigate away from it, making it start back up more quickly when you use multitasking to switch back to it. Yayyyyy MANGO!
  • Added several performance improvements now possible with Mango.
  • Fixed a bug that could affect Mango users using the task manager to switch back to The Imp from another app.
  • The application icon for The Imp now has a transparent background so it’ll reflect your theme color better. You can no longer say The Imp is insensitive to your choices. Mostly.
  • Updated a bunch of items to correctly indicate that they aren’t available on Crystal Scar.
  • Updated Anivia, Blitzcrank, and Corki with their new IP price.

Changelog – 1.10.0 (“Cassiopeia”)

  • JUNGLE TIMERS ARE IN THE HOUSE! At long last, The Imp goes even further to help you in battle by allowing you to keep track of the respawn times on Baron, Dragon, the buffs, and even sight and vision wards! This is just a first pass, so let me know what you think. Currently, your lock screen will be disabled while you’re on the Timers page – I’ll look into letting them run under the lock screen in a future version.
  • Reorganized the landing page and separated things you browse from “tools” like the mastery page editor, the build editor, and the rune page editor.
  • Changed a bit about how builds and runes work on the landing page. Clicking on the “builds” or “runes” buttons now takes you to the new landing screens for each which show all your builds and rune pages, respectively (similar to the mastery templates screen). Hopefully this helps differentiate things that are browsable (like champions, items, etc.) from things that you create (like rune pages, mastery pages, and so on). If not, well – hey, I never said I was good at this. This also lets you create builds wtihout having to go to the champion page to start, so that’s… something, right?
  • Champion stats ranks are now displayed as bars rather than numerical values. The numerical values were kind of misleading since ties made some champions look better (or worse) than they really were, so I’m using an estimate based on the standard deviation of all champions instead. This way, the approximately same information is communicated but is more precise about how good a champion is in relation to others with respect to an individual stat.
  • Abilities that passively grant stat bonuses (like Akali’s Twin Disciplines and Zilean’s Heightened Learning) are now taken into account on the “stats” screen in the build viewer. Finally, right? Hey, be nice. It’s harder than it looks. Probably.
  • “Mastery Templates” are now called “Mastery Pages” as they are in-game. This was actually because The Imp’s mastery templates actually predated mastery pages in League of Legends. Jus’ sayin’.
  • Fixed a – GASP – GRAMMATICAL ERROR that could occur on the landing pages of champions whose names start with vowels. *Shudder*.
  • Made a few minor UI tweaks to the champion landing page and the mastery template editor for visual consistency.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the displayed values for certain champion stats (health regen and mana regen, specifically) to be shown with incorrect values on the champion landing page.
  • Manaless champions no longer display information about their mana and mana regen on their landing page. Yeah, that made sense.
  • Fixed a bug that made Malice runes appear to be a per-level boost to critical chance (as opposed to a flat bonus, which is what they really are).
  • Added a “done” button to the new filters in the browser dialog to give you another way to dismiss the filters when you’re done. You can also hit the “back” key to dismiss the filters if you’re more into hardware buttons.
  • Updated some of Riven’s numbers in response to the 9/20 game hotfix.
  • Added screenshots for Riven’s skins.
  • Added a screenshot for Kayle’s “Judgment” skin, courtesy of my Chief Content Consultant Smallfry310.
  • Added pricing data for the new Kog’maw, Malzahar, Singed, and Xin Zhao skins (Deep Sea, Overlord, Mad Scientist, and Winged Hussar, respectively).
  • Added Singed’s fancy new champion spotlight.