Changelog 2.1.1 (“Corki”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Nautlius’ data has been added.
  • Deprecated the old and broke way of storing data on my Amazon server and replaced it with the new hotness way of doing the same thing. Bottom line: If you’re using a version of The Imp older than 2.1.0 as of the 2.1.1 update, a) Y U NO UPDATE???; and b) Your champion quotations, rotation, and sale data will no longer load. Sorry 😦 It’s for the best, I promise!
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Nautilus patch.
  • Did some layout rejiggering on the Item Detail page.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash if you attempted to view a model that isn’t available.
  • Added a new skin: Iron Solari Leona. HOWEVER… there seems to be something different about her model file that I don’t totally get. For some reason, I can’t convert it to the right format correctly. I’ll get back to you on that.
  • Added a missing skin: Sandstorm Katarina. Thanks, Helpful User Whose Name I Won’t Disclose for Privacy Reasons!
  • Fixed some bogus numbers that appeared on all Endurance runes.
  • Removed some erroneous Zilean quotes.

Changelog – 2.1.0 (“Corki”)

  • AT LAST – NEW DEVELOPMENT! The Imp’s “in the store” section just got a bit more awesome. Now, when tapping on a skin, instead of seeing one of my terrible screenshots, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can actually view, rotate, and zoom the model, straight from the game files! Pro tip: you can do the same thing with the champion’s base skin by tapping on his/her/its price. Is that fun or what?
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Ziggs’ complete data has been added. Special thanks to Smallfry310 for screenshots.
  • Push notifications about sales will now deep link you into the sales page. ‘Cause that just makes sense.
  • FINALLY fixed the stupid bug that broke the Twitter feed in the “About” section.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to stay black if you resumed the app on the Build Detail screen.
  • Added new items: Locket of the Iron Solari and Zeke’s Herald. Removed Stark’s Fervor.
  • Updated the stats of Emblem of Valor.
  • Updated Morgana so that her passive spell vamp is taken into account when viewing build stats.
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Ziggs patch.
  • Added Ahri’s missing champion spotlight. Oops.
  • Added Jax’s champion spotlight.
  • Updated Sivir’s spotlight to the new one.
  • Added a missing skin: Frost Queen Janna. The poor chick only has 3; we can’t afford to miss any of ’em.
  • Added some of Shyvana’s missing stats. Thanks, helpful user whose name I won’t disclose for privacy reasons!
  • Finally got around to adding the new summoner spell icons. My bad.
  • Added some missing runes. Oops again.
  • Added several missing item codes for the build email feature.

Changelog – 2.0.3 (“Cho’Gath”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Fizz’s data has been added.
  • Removed the summoner spells Fortify and Rally – if you had any builds that used these spells, they’ll no longer be part of the build. Sorry 😦 Talk to Riot, not me.
  • Added the new summoner spell Surge. SURGE!!!! Like that weird energy drink/soda that Coke used to make. Remember that?
  • Updated the masteries to the new season 2 trees. Unfortunately, any builds that relied on the old masteries will no longer have an associated mastery page. There’s just no way to migrate them since the masteries are so different now. Sorry. Hate mail welcome!
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Fizz patch.
  • Added new skins: Amethyst Ashe, Musketeer Twisted Fate, and Temple Jax.
  • Added a screenshot and pricing data for Asylum Shaco.
  • Added Shaco’s champion spotlight.

Changelog – 2.0.1 (“Cho’Gath”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Graves’ data has been added.
  • Added Teemo’s new champion spotlight.
  • Added new skins: Infiltrator Irelia and Superhero Teemo.
  • Added skins from the Harrowing: Bewitching Nidalee, Definitely Not Blitzcrank, FrankenTibbers Annie, and Haunting Nocturne.
  • Updated Xerath’s skins to their remade versions.
  • Updated Blitzcrank’s “Boom Boom” skin to the correct price.
  • Updated The Imp with info from the Graves patch.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when navigating backward from the Timers page.
  • Added a temporary workaround for an issue that caused the app to crash when attempting to view a champion spotlight – still looking for a better way. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦

Changelog – 1.9.1 (“Caitlyn”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Riven’s basic data has been added. Riven’s another Xypherous champ, and jeez, am I becoming a fanboy.
  • Fixed a massive, sky-high error that was happening for some people on application launch. Yeah, that’s me accidentally building with the Mango dev tools instead of the NoDo ones. Good job, Jammer! Sorry for any inconvenience. Still love me?
  • Updated The Imp with data from the Riven patch, including new skins for Kog’Maw, Malzahar, and Singed.
  • Fixed a usability issue with the “in the store” screen.
  • Added Corki’s brand-new champion spotlight.
  • Made some minor visual tweaks to the browser dialog to make it less lame, particularly in light theme. I hate light theme, I really do.
  • Updated Garen’s and Poppy’s IP prices. Price drop, wut wut?
  • Updated Trundle’s splash art to the correct one from his classic skin.
  • Updated the summoner spells and items with new data from the Dominion website.
  • Fixed a few minor display bugs with the new filtering dialogs.

Changelog – 1.9.0 (“Caitlyn”)

Warning: This patch is huge. I had some free time this time around 🙂

  • FILTERS ARE HERE! You can now search for champions, items, and runes that meet specific criteria. This feature should have been there like YEARS ago, but it’s a long whiny story. Anyway, it’s here now. Enjoy!
  • I don’t know how many of you will use this, but you can now use the emails sent from the build screen to customize your IN-GAME recommended items! Just email the build to yourself and follow the new instructions at the bottom to try it. This feature is brought to you by mostly me but a little bit Brackhar of Riot Games, who was kind enough to post the API hook on the forums. He says patching won’t overwrite your items, so that’s cool.
  • The list of sales in the Game News section now displays the price of the items on sale rather than inane information that you don’t care about. Everyone knows Rammus is The Armordillo.
  • Fixed a bunch of UI bugs, like the rotation champions being highlighted WHEREVER you see them. They should only be highlighted in the champion browser now.
  • Added some more performance optimizations. I swear, if I could figure out how to do these kinds of things the first time around, I’d throw myself a parade.
  • Modified the way navigation works on the Item Detail page – hitting the back button now takes you back to the last item you viewed rather than away from the screen altogether. I actually had to work to get that NOT to behave the way it will now at some point, so I’m not sure why I did that. Go me!
  • Updated the layout of the Item Details page to separate information more clearly. Also, select items now have screenshots (like Aegis of the Legion) so you can see the visual effect each item provides. Obviously, items like Long Sword will never have screenshots, because they would look like Rammus just standing there.
  • Updated the mastery perks to include new Dominion data. Spatial Accuracy now also decreases your Promote cooldown by 30 seconds, and Reinforce now affects Garrison as well as Fortify.
  • Cleaned up the quality of some of the item icons.
  • Reordered the items in the “more” section of the champion landing page. I figure more people care about the store than any of the other items, right?
  • The summoner spell browser no longer presents the summoner spells as an indexed list that allows you to jump to spells that start with a specific letter. There are so fewer of them, I feel like it’s more appropriate to just list them all out – wouldn’t you say?
  • The build browser now will only present the list of builds in an indexed fashion if you’ve created more than 30 of them.
  • The little detail text shown beneath builds in the build browser will now just say “[name of champion] build”. It’s not like you can remember much about the build from just the first couple of items like it is now, am I right?
  • Added the rest of the audio for the champion quotations. While time tick-ticks… away. God, I love Orianna.
  • Corrected a bug that made Odyn’s Veil look like it wasn’t built from any other items (yeah, I wish) and was available on all maps. (Hint: It’s not.)
  • Added a screenshot and price data for the new Pentakill Karthus skin. That’s the lead singer, so only the drummer is left – who’ll it be? Olaf? Trundle?