Changelog – 2.0.0 (“Cho’Gath”)

  • We’re on 2.0.0! Mango has come down from Microsoft on high to grace our phones with its presence, and The Imp is excited about it. Lots of new features incoming!
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Xerath’s complete data has been added.
  • Builds and champions are now pinnable! You can use the app bar to pin your favorite builds or champions to your Start screen for one-tap access to it. Hope it comes in handy!
  • The Imp is now compatible with fast-app switching – it’ll try to retain its state when you navigate away from it, making it start back up more quickly when you use multitasking to switch back to it. Yayyyyy MANGO!
  • Added several performance improvements now possible with Mango.
  • Fixed a bug that could affect Mango users using the task manager to switch back to The Imp from another app.
  • The application icon for The Imp now has a transparent background so it’ll reflect your theme color better. You can no longer say The Imp is insensitive to your choices. Mostly.
  • Updated a bunch of items to correctly indicate that they aren’t available on Crystal Scar.
  • Updated Anivia, Blitzcrank, and Corki with their new IP price.

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