Changelog – 1.6.1

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Leona’s semi-complete data has been added, along with her two skins.
  • Added new skins – Baron von Veigar, Buccaneer Tristana, Harbinger Kassadin, and Ravager Nocturne.
  • Temporarily removed the background on the landing page due to memory issues. It’ll be back soon, I swear.
  • Added a screenshot for Heimerdinger’s “Alien Invader” skin.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor UI annoyances – nothing exciting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Nocturne’s “Frozen Terror” skin to be unviewable.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause massive, sky-high errors when attempting to a view a champion’s “in the store” page if you didn’t have access to a wireless network or 3G. I think so, anyway – let me know if it still happens to you.

It’s almost time for a true display of skill

So this is still a ways off (like, at least the patch after the patch for Leona, whenever she shows up), but I’m too excited not to show you now.

Get down, get down...


There are still a few things I have to figure out how to do (like how to handle weird cases like Karma), but it’s coming along nicely. The skill order will save along with the rest of the build for handy reference. Assuming I don’t break it.

Bazam. Everyone pumped up for Leona?