Changelog – 1.6.0 (“Ashe”)

  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Yorick’s basic data has been added, along with his two skins.
  • The ability detail screen now show’s each ability’s cooldown and the type of damage it deals, if applicable. No more finding out that Urgot’s Acid Hunter deals physical damage after building three Force of Natures… like I did that one time.
  • Modified the browser dialog to look a little more like the “people” hub in the operating system. Cuz Microsoft knows what they’re doing sometimes.
  • Added basic data for new skins from the patch: Buccaneer Tristana and Baron von Veigar.
  • Updated Morgana’s splash art to the new stuff from the patch.
  • Updated Ashe’s background to her semi-newish splash. How’d I miss that one?
  • Updated Tryndamere’s background to his correct splash. For some reason I was using the “Highland” one instead (N00b!)
  • Updated several items and abilities based on the patch notes from version of League of Legends. The rest of the changes are coming soon.
  • Fixed a bug that made the timestamps on tweets in the Twitter feed look all wonky. Bad job, Jammer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused your recently-viewed stuff to disappear if you looked at any items and then exited the app. Muh bad.
  • Fixed some display bugs that could cause abilities to be listed as having “melee” range when they really don’t have any range at all (like Zilean’s “Heightened Learning”).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mastery template calculator not to correctly indicate when a mastery perk has been maxed out.

Changelog – 1.5.0 (“Annie”)

  • Push notifications are in the house! If you want, you can receive a push notification compliments of The Imp when a new champion rotation is posted or a sale is announced. THE FIRST TIME YOU START THE APP ONLY, you’ll be prompted to indicate whether or not you want the notifications. If you change your mind later, visit “settings” from the landing page. Disclaimer: this is my first-ever attempt at push notifications, so apologies if it doesn’t go super-smoothly. We’ll get it figured out 🙂
  • The “game news” section will now allow itself to be updated more regularly now that I know it’s not going to cost me a bajillion dollars 🙂
  • Squashed a bug that caused The Imp to incorrectly detect button clicks when you probably didn’t mean to click them. Kudos to MadUkranian for his help on that.
  • The “more” section of the landing page has been rejiggered yet again. That’s pretty much an every-patch thing now, isn’t it? The “delete stuff” menu is now in the “settings” item.
  • Added the new Bloodmoon skins for Shen and Akali.
  • Added a better screenshot for Maokai’s “Totemic” skin.
  • Changed the order of the items in the “more” menu on the landing page to be less silly.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Twitter feed erratic at best. I’m actually using the right API now, so that’s… something. Yay me?
  • Fixed a bug that caused the UI to freeze up when new game news data was being downloaded.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Maokai’s IP cost from showing up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the icon and screenshot for Zilean’s “Chronoshift” ability from appearing.
  • The changelog will now only show notes from the last five patches. Y’all don’t care about that ancient history, do you?
  • The default subject line of the error report email has been revised to include the version number.