Vacations and Terrible Timing

Hey, faithful Impists,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m headed on vacation this weekend through next week and will be a little less communicative for that reason. And when I say “a little less communicative,” I mean, “basically not communicating at all.” Because I’ll be on a boat.

Imp-istically speaking, this does have some regrettable ramifications. All signs point to Orianna coming out on Tuesday, so I won’t be around to do my frantic scramble to get an update for her together this time, which means that it might be more like next weekend or early the week after before you see an update for her. Sorry about that – as I’ve been alluding a lot lately, some good things are in the works to reduce the madness, but for now, this is what we’ve got. Sorry.

Also, as you probably saw, 1.4.0 is being distributed right now, so keep an eye out for it over the next 24 hours. It includes the hopefully-handy champion rotation and sale features that are the beginnings of somewhat-live data for The Imp. That process is not completely automated, but I have my good buddy Mad Ukranian helping out while I’m indisposed. The long story short is that next week might be SLIGHTLY sluggish for The Imp, but things should get back on track in a hurry when I get back stateside.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – enjoy 1.4.0 and let me know what you think with a tweet, email, or comment.

Until then, Imp on!



1.4.0 (“Anivia”) Changelog

  • The Imp is now a tiny little bit cloud-aware. The “Game News” section has been added to the “more” portion of the homepage, and you can go there to see LIVE updates about the current champion rotation and any sales that are going on. Champions will also be highlighted in the champion picker if they’re in the rotation. I know it’s not much, but trust me, this is the start of some good stuff for The Imp.
  • The displayed prices of skins and champions will be adjusted if they’re on sale (and they’ll, you know, say “on sale”).
  • Added the new Tenacity items: Cloak and Dagger, Eleisa’s Miracle, and Moonflair Spellblade.
  • The “support stuff” and “news” menu items that were available in the “more” section of the landing page have been rolled into a new “about the app” section.
  • The link to the official League site has been removed from the home page. You guys are totally capable of typing into a browser without The Imp’s help, right?
  • Reorganized the build details page to group stats by offense and defense (rather than physical and magical). I think it makes more sense this way, don’t you?
  • Added Tenacity, Gold Per 10, and Spell Vamp to the build detail screen and build email thingy.
  • Corrected the mana cost of Vayne’s “Final Hour” ability.
  • Added a new screenshot for the incomparable Ninja Rammus (’cause he’s my dog). High Noon Twisted Fate too, but he ain’t my bro like Rammus is, so he gets the stock Riot screenshot. What? I’m not made of RP.
  • Fixed a bug that caused champions to be alphabetized incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Soraka’s and Twisted Fate’s skins from appearing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause The Imp to spaz out if you tried to read the Twitter feed with no internetz.
  • Updated the FAQs to be a little more current.
  • Cleaned up some ugly font crap on a couple of the pages.

To the cloud!

Hey, guess why Ashe and Caitlyn are highlighted in this screenshot?

Oh yeah. IT'S ON.

Oh yeah. You guessed it. ‘Cause they’re in this week’s rotation.

Seriously, I know it’s not a huge deal, but this is a first step into a larger world for The Imp. I’ve started leveraging Amazon Web Services, which will make it possible to distribute content outside of Microsoft’s update process, which in turn means more timely, relevant data for you. Word to it?

I’m not sure how far I’ll take this for the first version – kind of want to see how it goes (and how much it’ll run me :-)), but we’ll iterate from here and see how it goes. Look for this with 1.4.0 – shouldn’t be more than a few days before I submit it for distro.

Anyway, just wanted to share the “meh” news.

Until the next time I need self-validation from the interwebz,


Changelog 1.3.0 (“Amumu”)

  • The all-new “in the store” section is available on each champion’s landing page. You can use it to check out each champion’s IP/RP cost and what skins are available for him/her/it, complete with screenshots!
  • If a champion has a spotlight video available, a link to it will be available on their landing page.
  • Champion wallpapers of approximately appropriate WP7 size are now available on each champion landing page. All images are the intellectual property of Riot Games. But they look mighty fancy on your phone.
  • By popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean I demanded it myself), The Imp is now sporting a new icon. Still not great, but at least this one wasn’t drawn in Paint.
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! Or whatever. Rumble’s data and screenshots have been added.
  • The accommodate the new “in the store”, “spotlight video”, and “wallpaper” links and to increase rhyming in The Imp, these new items, along with the “lore” link, have been condensed into a “more” section on the champion landing page.
  • On the Item Details page, both the item’s total cost and its combine cost will be displayed.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some champions’ titles to be capitalized incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some items to fail to correctly show which items they build into.
  • Fixed an issue that made the FAQ page stupidly hard to use.
  • Updated champion and item stats with some of the data from the patch.
  • Added several screenshots for missing abilities (mostly passives).
  • Several UI tweaks for increased performance and usability.