What be happenin’

Hey there, faithful Impists,

Sorry this is coming late, but I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what’s going on and why you haven’t seen as much activity from The Imp lately as you probably should.

First of all, about updates: all of you should hopefully be on 1.2.0 now (which is the one that introduced masteries, among other things), so I hope you’re liking it. I submitted an update on April 14th (more than a week and a half ago) containing Brand’s data and screenshots for both him and Lee Sin, and that update has disappeared into the Impenetrable Microsoft App Hub Vortex of Hell and shows no sign of emerging yet. I submitted a ticket last week and ultimately got it forwarded to what they termed an “appropriate party” on Friday, so we’ll see how that shapes up early this week. I’m truly sorry for the delay, and I promise I’m doing everything I can.

Some of you have asked about a solution that allows me to update the app with new champions and their data outside of Microsoft’s process, and that’s a really reasonable request – the problem is that to do that, you need a server with a static IP that can scale on demand, and unfortunately, they don’t hand those out like breath mints at a Halitosis Sufferers Anonymous meeting. I’m looking into various ways that I could still do it on the cheap (so that The Imp stays free), but for now, this is what we have to work with, unfortunately. On the upside, aside from the glaringly insane case of 1.2.1, they’ve been pretty good about getting stuff through in just a couple of days, so it could be worse, right?

Second of all, about what’s next for The Imp: I’ve tried to be pretty good about keeping the “upcoming” tab in the “news” section of the app up to date with, you know, what I’m actually going to do, but for various reasons, some things turn out to be easier than others, so stuff can be shuffled around. For example, even in the 1.2.1 build that is in Microsoft Neverending Purgatory Limbo Hell, the “upcoming” tab states that I’m going to add the whole filtered search thing in 1.3.0 (which will let you, for example, see all champions tagged with “bruiser” or all items that grant magic resistance), but that’s, in complete honest actuality, not true 🙂 1.3.0 has some great stuff coming, but filtered search won’t be one. More on that soon, hopefully.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick update (even if Microsoft won’t give you one – see what I did there?), so there you go. In cheerful news, it looks like The Imp has now been downloaded over 225 times since it launched on March 5th, so thanks to ALL of you. As always, hit me up with suggestions and comments and random hatred here in the comments, on Twitter, and by email. Go to it!

Keep on Imping on,



Wouldn’t it be cool if…

… you could browse to a champion that you’re thinking about buying (or that you’re thinking about buying a skin for) and see how much they/it costs?

I think it might be kind of cool.

Trust me. This is just the beginning.

What do YOU think?

Not being notified about the 1.2.0 update?

Hey, faithful Impists,

At this point in the metaphorical game, everyone should have access to the all-new, all-fancy-shmancy 1.2.0 “Alistar” update to The Imp. HOWEVER, due to a combination of ineptitude on my part and a rather sizably greater amount of ineptitude from Microsoft, the Marketplace app may not correctly notify you that The Imp has an update available.

The reason for this is that when creating the 1.1.1 update for The Imp, the Marketplace submission web application somehow managed to rename “The Imp” to just “Imp.” To be fair, I didn’t notice it right away, and I should have caught it and fixed it. However, apparently the Marketplace has decided that if your app changes names between updates, your users won’t want the update. Because that seems defensible, right? So I changed the app’s name back to “The Imp” (as it darn well should be), and anyone that somehow missed the 1.1.1 update because of this whole fiasco SHOULD be notified.

TL;DR version: If you don’t see an update notification for The Imp RIGHT NOW, open your Marketplace app and search “The Imp.” Click on it when you find it, and click “update”, and then you should be back on track, and you should be notified about all future updates as normal.

SO sorry about that. If you have any trouble or can’t get ahold of the update for some reason, sound off in the comments or tweet me @theimpapp. You’ll know you have the right version if you have… TUN TUN TUNN… THE MASTERY CALCULATOR!!!



1.2.0 Changelog

  • The mastery calculator is in the house. You can now create mastery templates and save them with your builds for hopefully handy reference. Tap on a mastery perk to add a point to it, and tap and hold to see its name and details. Sorry. I know it’s not supremely perfect, but I think it’s vaguely usable-ish as it is – I’ll keep nibbling at it.
  • On the rune page editor, it’s now possible to fill all empty slots of a certain rune type with a specific rune. To do so, just tap and hold on the rune you want to use to fill the empty slots. You can also remove a single rune from this menu.
  • Overhauled the entire stat engine of the application to allow for more accurate stat calculation and easier expandability. Things may not be exactly perfect yet, but hopefully they’re closer to the ballpark.
  • A BUNCH OF NEW SCREENSHOTS APPROACH! At least some screenshots for every champion have been added. We’ll continue to add and refine, but we’re finally there, kind of.
  • It’s now possible to clear all runes on a current rune page from the toolbar menu.
  • Added two missing screenshots for Warwick’s passive abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to put any rune in any slot, regardless of type.
  • On the build editor page, the rune page selector (along with the new mastery template selector) now open in full page mode to make items easier to choose.
  • The picker dialogs on the home screen have once again remembered how to hold your place when you choose a champion, item, rune and so on. When you hit the back button and return to the home screen, you should find the picker in about the same place you left it.
  • The Imp no longer FREAKS THE HECK OUT when it can’t load your recent data – it just assumes you don’t have any and gets on with its life. Added this to address a few problems had by international users, because apparently I’m not smart enough to ask the question: “OMG, what if they’re not in America?” My bad. What a jerk, right?