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Thanks to the great team at, The Imp was featured today in an spotlight piece: Woohoo!

Bee-tee-double-you, If you’re a hopeless WP7 fanboy like me (or, more healthily, are vaguely interested in keeping up with WP7 happenings), wpcentral is a really great resource and is well worthy of a spot on your bookmark toolbar. Check it out, player.

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1.1.1 Changelog

  • Fixed a nasty bug that could cause The Imp to crash when run on a phone localized to… not American English. Sorry. I’m not a snobby American jerk, I swear, I just suck at programming.
  • A NEW CHAMPION APPROACHES! OR WHATEVER! Nocturne’s data has been added. Screenshots coming soon, I promise.
  • Screenshots for all of Cassiopeia’s abilities have been added.
  • Added a screenshot for Swain’s “Carrion Renewal” spell.
  • Fixed an alphabetization bug with the summoner spells.
  • Updated the roadmap for 1.2.0. Filtered search will PROBABLY be 1.3.0. 1.2.0’s big-ticket item will be the mastery calculator.

Hello, world.

Welcome to The Imp’s fancy new home on the intarwebz!

And when I say “fancy,” I mean “relatively mundane.” And when I say “new,” I mean “less than a minute old but hideously late because I forgot that software generally does better with an accompanying website.” And when I say “home,” I mean “place where I can moan about development troubles, shamelessly plug my own software, and generally behave reprehensibly behind the warm blanket of anonymity that is the internet.”

For those who inadvertently stumbled onto this site while looking for Crazy Fiona’s Imps and Lawn Furniture’s blog or something, I should explain: The Imp is a Windows Phone 7-based reference guide for the popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game League of Legends. It’s also totally free and is not ad-supported, because I think ads make cool software look stupid. I released version 1.0 on the Zune Marketplace on March 5, 2011, and there are currently about a hundred people using it. If the key words of the last two sentences meant anything to you at all (i.e. “Windows Phone 7 and  “League of Legends”), you’re my target market 🙂 If you’re interested in exploring the app itself, you can download it from here. (The link opens in Zune. Yes, Zune is still around.)

The app is a pretty simple database app that allows you to peruse all kinds of stuff from League of Legends, including champions, items, runes, summoner spells, masteries (soon), and so on. You can also create your own builds and see their stats calculated in real time. Lots of great (read as “meh”) new features are on the way, but them’s the basics.

From time to time I’ll use this site to talk about new features that are on the way, issues that are happening to current users, League of Legends itself, or something weird that happened to me on the way to the Post Office at lunch. (Why would anyone just throw pennies at me like that? It makes no sense.)

If the site isn’t enough to curb your Imp-related desires, you can also get speedy, imp-sized updates on Twitter @theimpapp or email me at So there you go.

Thanks for checking the site out, and stay tuned – lots of hopefully tasty info will be headed this way soon.

Imp on!

– Ben